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Initial Reactions of Patients seeing their implant retained teeth for the first time.

Patient Bruce’s heartfelt testimonial captures the essence of this experience as he marvels at the sight of his new teeth, expressing his amazement at their perfect appearance and natural feel. He admires the remarkable results, exclaiming that his friend will be envious and commends the color and overall quality. Bruce thanks Dr. Mohan for his new implant-retained teeth. He compares his new teeth to his old, worn-out dentures, highlighting the vast difference in comfort and appearance. He emphasizes that the wait was worthwhile, expressing his deep appreciation for the exceptional transformation.

Initial Reactions of Patients seeing their implant retained teeth for the first time - I-Rise Dental, CA

You ready.
Bruce? Yep. Oh, wow.
God. They look great. That’s amazing.
Look really good, and it looks great. They.
Fine. Yep. Good job. Oh, wow. They just,
it just feels like, it’s like you can’t believe
they look perfect, They do.
They worked on it, right? Was journey.
Together. Yep.
He looked really good.
I’m so happy. Waited.
My friends’ gonna be so jealous when he sees this. They look.
Great. I can’t wait.
Look at that. Yeah.
So amazing.
They feel really good too. Thank you so much.
Oh, you’re so awesome.
Tea. That’s.
they look incredibly good. I’m the color. Everything. I’m glad you.
Thank you. That’s.
I wanted this to.
Be. Yep. Oh, I know.
After I waited this long. No,
they feel incredible. They really do. I can’t wait to eat.
For you.
Eat. Can.
We? Definitely, yes.
In the beginning, uh, cut food into like little, uh, smaller.
Bite size. Well, I’m used to that.
But eventually we’ll get there. Yeah.
But in the.
Beginning, we want to make sure.
To plant, kind of load the horse.
Yeah. Yeah. But.
But you get. My gosh.
Looks good. Yes. Looks good. It looks good. You did great.
You did.
Yeah. That’s amazing. It is. I mean,
it was Ugh, amazing. Incredible.
Thank you
That is so good. I mean, they, they just,
they look perfect and they, they feel really, really natural. I mean,
they do. There’s no, like,
I don’t have like a list for anything.
Like nothing weird in my speech changed or anything like that.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
Awesome. Be, I mean, it’s awesome.
Sermon. You waited for so long and you know, you had to go through.
How long have you been with that team?
Years. Years.
And the dentist you came in were not.
Oh, those were like, they, those were thrashed. I mean,
I had way out luck. I mean, those things were like, I’m telling you,
the front tooth was out. Like I had to glue it in like three different times.
Yeah. I’m.
Glad you got that.
Good. Yeah.
This process.
Fall. But they, they feel, they feel really good In your mouth. In my mouth.
You know? I mean,
there’s a difference in dentures that they’re not,
dentures do not feel good in your mouth. I mean, the upper one,
I don’t even notice now. I mean, really. I mean,
I’m not noticing it really like sit.
There for so long.
Well, no, it’s just like you get used to it. Oh, yes. But then, you know,
with that in the bottom teeth, it’s like, it’s just, it just,
it’s a whole different feeling.
It’s almost like it takes away from like the knot, you know what I mean? Yeah,
it does.
So when you get the upper one skin mm-hmm.
it will be the same way. Your pal will be open, so you’ll be able to.
Taste. Yeah.
You’ll be able to.
I, I mean it’s, it is, it’s just amazing. It really is.
You. Thank you for hanging in there with me, Bruce.
It’s well worth the wait.
de for the life. Thank you so much.
They’re just, it’s incredible. I don’t know why, but the,
the lower ones were just such a, you know. Yeah.
They were always a pain.
You have.
There. Yeah. Yeah.
There’s no way that.

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