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Rejuvenate and Restore Your Smile with Strong, Natural Looking Dental Implants

Has eating meals become more problematic since you lost a back molar, resulting in difficulty chewing food? Food can also get stuck in the area where your tooth once was, making it harder to clean. And that isn’t all. If your gap is in the “smile zone” at the front of your mouth, you may find that you have been smiling less and maybe aren’t feeling as confident as you once did. 

When you visit Dr. Anu Mohan and our team here at I-Rise Dental Boutique, we can discuss the many benefits of getting a dental implant for tooth replacement in the 4S Ranch area.

If you are tired of having gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, dental implants are a popular option that provides benefits beyond what other tooth replacement options can offer. At I-Rise Dental Boutique, Dr. Mohan uses dental implants that are natural in appearance for the replacement of teeth that may have been lost due to extraction, decay, gum disease, or other trauma.

What Is A Dental Implant?

When you think about a dental implant, you may picture it as a one-piece tooth replacement. But, a dental implant is actually composed of three different components:

  • Implant Post: This is a post or screw that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. It replaces the missing tooth’s root and allows for the jawbone to fuse to it via a process called osseointegration. Once this process is completed and you are healed from the procedure, you will be ready to receive your artificial tooth
  • Abutment: This part of the dental implant is placed above the post. In fact, the abutment is the component that allows for the artificial tooth to be attached to the implant post
  • Artificial Tooth: This part of the implant will be visible above the gumline. This is usually a dental crown attached to the implant’s abutment. Once you receive your dental crown and it is placed, this is the final step of the dental implant process

The Benefits of a Dental Implant

You may hear some who talk about dental implants refer to them as the “gold standard” of tooth replacement options. Why is this? A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that replaces the tooth both above and below the gumline. Other options, including dentures and dental bridges, sit above the gumline unless implant-supported. This is important because when your jawbone loses stimulation that was once provided by the tooth’s root, it can begin to deteriorate and be reabsorbed into the body. 

Replacing a missing tooth’s root with a dental implant allows your jawbone to fuse to it and remain healthy, as the implant will now provide the missing stimulation the jawbone needs to remain healthy. Because implants fuse to the jawbone, they are also incredibly strong, sturdy, and long-lasting.

To learn more about dental implants or schedule an appointment at I-Rise Dental Boutique, please call us at (858) 465-8717.

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