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Dental Technology at I-Rise Dental Boutique

When you visit I-Rise Dental Boutique, you will immediately see how Dr. Anu Mohan dedicates herself to making the latest dental technology available to patients. Dr. Mohan believes that a continually evolving dental practice via the use of the advanced dental technology and techniques not only enhances the patient experience but also allows Dr. Mohan to provide unparalleled dental care. Our Del Mar, California office utilizes a wide-ranging array of technological devices that enable Dr. Mohan to evaluate and treat patients with greater comfort and accuracy.

Among the technology, Dr. Mohan utilizes in treatment is the best available cone-beam CT scanner with the best intraoral scanner and software that can efficiently work together to create the best “smile-design” tool. 

In-office dental technologies include the following:

Planmeca CBCT Imaging

At I-Rise Dental Boutique, we use the Planmeca CBCT machine, which supports cephalometric, extraoral bitewing, and panoramic imaging, along with three different kinds of 3D dental imaging. It has the unique industry first of delivering high 3D image quality – while keeping the optimal patient dose of radiation. Key features include premium image quality, SCARA (selectively compliant articulated robot arm) capabilities ensuring accurate and reliable imaging, a CALM algorithm that allows clinicians to succeed in imaging even when movement occurs during image taking, and reduced radiation requirements.

Planmeca CBCT Imaging
Planmeca Certificate

Planmeca Romexis

The most powerful dental software platform currently on the market, Planmeca Romexis, offers an incredibly robust selection of tools and features for any dental need or specialty. This powerful software tool brings together all available Planmeca equipment within our clinic, including CAD/CAM technology and imaging devices. 

Digital X-Rays

We are also proud to offer cutting-edge digital X-rays, providing imaging that is unmatched in clarity and accuracy with minimal radiation required. Digital X-rays are great for identifying issues that may exist underneath the surface.

Digital X-Rays

Intelliscan 3d scanner

Say goodbye to traditional dental impressions and experience the next generation of dental imaging with I-RISE DENTAL’s Intelliscan 3D scanner! Our state-of-the-art Intelliscan 3D scanner provides accurate and efficient imaging in reduced time for a comfortable experience. This reliable digital tool ensures we can provide safe and comprehensive treatment to all our patients.

As dental technology continues to evolve, so does I-Rise Dental Boutique. We are proud to offer the latest dental technology and cannot wait to see you. To schedule an appointment, please call (858) 465-8717.

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