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Preserve Your Oral Health with General Dentistry Services

You can end your search here if you have been looking for the “best dentist near me” in the Poway area. At I-Rise Dental Boutique, we offer general dentistry services so that you can have all your oral health needs met in one office. Dr. Anu Mohan has experience treating a wide range of oral health issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, chronic headaches brought on by bruxism, tooth misalignment, and more. 

Patients in the Poway area seeking a general dentist who uses only the latest dental techniques and technologies need look no further than I-Rise Dental Boutique. We cannot wait to become your partner in maintaining, treating, and restoring oral health.

General Dentistry

General dentistry is a broad term that includes many dental services, including evaluating, diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity and associated structures. Dr. Mohan is a general dentist who has successfully treated patients in the Poway area for years. 

Over this time frame, Dr. Mohan has developed personalized dental hygiene plans, including dental exams, professional teeth cleaning, tooth scaling, dental X-rays, and more. These are all designed to prevent and uncover the development of oral diseases at as early a stage as possible. 

General dentistry consists of the following services that are vital to your continued oral health:

The Impact of Your Oral Health on Your General Health

It may not seem like it, but your oral health can definitely impact your overall health. Several health issues can be directly linked to your oral health. A great example of this is how gum disease can lead to serious health complications. 

If gum disease goes untreated, the infection can travel through the bloodstream to other areas of your body, leading to issues including cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Because she is trained as a general dentist, Dr. Mohan can identify any developing issues to perform appropriate treatment as needed.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mohan and our team at I-Rise Dental Boutique, please call our office today at (858) 465-8717.

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